What do most people think when they hear the word “allergy”? They think of a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, hay fever, asthma or hives. These are the symptoms that manifest, but what about the symptoms that do not surface or lay dormant and can contribute to chronic illnesses? The typical allergic reactions are due to seasonal pollens, grasses, and molds. Allergic reactions to food products, such as gluten, milk, and eggs are also common. This is due to a release of histamines by certain immune cells in response to the offending substance. The usual reaction by most people is to take over-the-counter antihistamines to minimize this allergic response.

While this makes sense to overcome an emergency situation or to alleviate the immediate allergic response, this does not provide a cure or an answer to what is malfunctioning in the body. This is only a band-aid fix designed to “stop the bleeding”. But let’s talk about figuring out what is happening inside the body to initiate such an allergic response. 

Most allergies or sensitivities are due to poor digestion. For example, if a person has difficulty digesting protein then the protein will only be partially digested. The body reacts to this partially digested protein as a foreign invader thereby causing an immune reaction, producing some of the symptoms described above. Or the body may have trouble assimilating calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, or other important nutrients causing sensitivities. Now our body is busy fighting the essential nutrition that is necessary for normal function instead of fighting off the foreign invaders such as pollen, molds, chemicals, etc. Since most of our immune system is in the gut, this is where our problems begin. The result is impaired absorption of essential nutrients. If the digestive system has been compromised with antibiotics or other offending substances, a phenomenon of “leaky gut” may be present, thus compounding our problem. These irritants damage the small intestinal lining causing not only absorption of nutrients, but larger molecules such as toxins. These toxins should continue to move along the digestive tract to be evacuated via the urine and bowel instead of being reabsorbed. 

Our job at the clinic is to determine what nutrient or food the body is not assimilating. This is determined by muscle testing. Once this is determined, a certain procedure is performed to desensitize the body to the particular substance so the body can use it properly. Now it is necessary to find what is assaulting the body or causing damage. Fungus, virus, parasite, candida, heavy metals, pesticides are the usual culprits and are handled with the proper herbs or nutrients. This removes irritant that is causing the problem. 

The next step is to repair the damage the irritant has caused. This is also accomplished with herbs and nutrients. For example glutamine can repair the leaky gut by plugging up the larger holes in the small intestine thereby allowing only the beneficial nutrients to be absorbed. Or replenishing the beneficial bacteria in the gut will work wonders. Every allergic patient is individual, meaning John Doe’s allergy is totally different than Jane Doe’s, so these two patients may experience the same symptoms, but will have totally different treatment protocols. One patient may respond to Chinese herbs and the other may need something entirely different. This is determined by Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing. 

A revolutionary allergy eliminating technique called NAET is used in the clinic. Also treating certain reflex points with the offending substance in the mouth is added. There is no quick cure for allergies; it requires specific nutrients, time and patience to eliminate these allergies permanently. Although, quick symptomatic relief can be accomplished, at the same time we have to find the cause and repair the damage. 

Please contact our office for more information and consult the NAET allergy elimination technique website for more information.