A typical scenario of a “minor” auto accident may involve the simple exchange of insurance information, with or without Police/EMT assistance, and then reporting the accident to the insurance companies. There may be no physical pain immediately following an accident, but as the days pass severe pain can occur. Most people proceed by taking Tylenol or some other OTC pain reliever hoping their pain will disappear. More Tylenol is taken, but even so the pain persists, and now the patient feels it’s necessary to visit a Medical Doctor, where a stronger pain killer and/or muscle relaxant is likely prescribed. This “remedy” may work for a while, but the pain will return and now there may be stomach and liver issues from taking too much medication. 

Symptoms as a result of an auto accident are: headaches, neck pain, TMJ pain, numbness of the extremities, upper/mid/low back pain with radiation into the legs, or coccyx pain. As soon as the patient is stabilized with chiropractic care, some form of physical therapy or massage therapy should be implemented to strengthen the injured tissues. There are different techniques in Chiropractic Care which are very gentle in nature, so the patient need not be apprehensive. Acupuncture is another safe and painless alternative when combined with Chiropractic. Many severe problems have been resolved using this combination. Before treatment is rendered, a thorough history along with x-rays and a physical examination are necessary. At this point a referral to the necessary health care practitioner will be made, if necessary. 

At our clinic we work closely with MD’s, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists. Our team effort prevents the vicious cycle described above and allows the patient to feel confident that the proper care is being administered. 

Even though you may not be at fault in an accident, some insurance companies remain difficult to deal with. It is important that you explore your rights and demand the necessary health care. It is also important that a Med Pay option is added to your auto insurance coverage. A minimum of $10,000 in Med Pay is safe and inexpensive to add to your policy. This will protect you if the insurance company is refusing coverage while they determine liability. Medical bills can add up quickly if the accident is serious, and most health care practitioners will not accept your case if Med Pay coverage is not available. At this clinic the group of health care professionals we work with will conveniently accept payment at the end of your treatment protocol if Med Pay is not available. The insurance company is responsible for payment at the end of your treatment and no money will come out of your pocket.

This information may seem complicated and not worth worrying about, but it is a reality and heaven forbid it happens to you. Please consider this information and feel free to contact either doctor at our clinic for further advice.