a Message from Dr. charles Santistevan

The first rule of treating disease is to "do no harm", and I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen patients (unnecessarily) prescribed medications to control pain, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. Essentially, the rule to "do no harm" has been ignored.  Certainly, medication is necessary in extreme/acute cases, but to routinely prescribe without exploring a root cause makes no sense.  With medication, immediate relief can be obtained, but what happens over time can be detrimental to one’s overall health.  Putting a band-aid on the problem and masking symptoms doesn’t resolve anything, and sooner or later the root cause of the problem must be addressed. A holistic health care approach solves the problem, not just the symptoms.

Lets liken the body systems/functions to a symphony, where each note must be played at the right time, in perfect accord with all the other instruments in order for each organ in the body to be in perfect harmony.  The conductor oversees a performance, just as the holistic doctor uses his knowledge of healing to help produce vitality and harmony in a patient’s body. This entire production can only be orchestrated by a qualified holistic practitioner.

The ultimate goal in the health profession is to eliminate chronic disease.  We do this is by addressing disease in its functional state and by treating the patient holistically.  For example, a person slips and falls thereby twisting his low back.  If we only give pain medication and muscle relaxants, we are setting this patient up for chronic health issues. Why not address the initial problem by adjusting the spine, balancing the injured muscles, and helping to heal the injured tissues?  This way the problem is resolved entirely.  Another example might be that of a young child that has an allergic reaction to something he/she ate, showing symptoms of wheezing and coughing.  We would want to find out what the offending substance is and treat the child holistically, rather than putting the child on asthmatic drugs for the rest of his/her life.

Make your health a priority.  It is never too late.  Health changes are accumulative and pay off immediately as well as long-term.  Please enjoy our website by exploring all of the healing modalities offered and the many conditions we treat.

-Dr. Charles Santistevan