First of all, not all supplements are alike. There are synthetic supplements that are laboratory produced and are of no nutritional value, which are sold at a very cheap price at Costco/Walgreens/Safeway. Whole food supplements, phytochemcials, are in their original form and not synthetically altered. These type of supplements are easily absorbed into your body and actually feed your cells. They are grown on organic farms where the soil is not depleted of nutrients and no pesticides or herbicides are used.  

Typically I ask a patient to bring their supplements to the clinic and I am astounded at the amount of bottles they bring in, sometime 15-20. The first thing I do is take them off of everything. Next I tell them to bring in their blood work where I can get an idea of which organs are not functioning properly. Through Applied Kinesiology via muscle testing we prioritize which organs we will work on and at the most put them on 2-4 supplements. We re-evaluate in 6 weeks and handle the next weakest organ with different supplementation. Taking too many supplements can confuse the body and can actually do harm.

25 years of experience has led me to the most reputable supplement companies. All of the supplements are of pharmaceutical grade, meaning they are the purest and most powerful. Below are some of the companies I deal with:

  • Standard Process Laboratories
  • Apex Energetics
  • Biotics Research Labs
  • Health Concerns (Chinese Herbs)
  • Xymogen
  • Designs for Health

Each of these companies has unique formulations and have proven to be the most effective