Often times orthotics are fitted in a non-weight bearing position where the patient lies on the table and the foot is casted. The problem with this is that the configuration of the foot changes when the patient stands. Sometimes the patients are fitted while standing in a styrofoam box, but when the patient walks, the configuration of the foot also changes when walking. The result is an inaccurate mold that has little or no correction to the foot.

Also be ware of the “sports figure” recommending custom orthotics. You walk in, they measure your foot, they walk over to the shelf and get your “custom orthotics”. There is nothing custom about this. While these may give you temporary relief, therapeutically they are not doing the job. This may cost you $400-500.

My experience with three or four orthotic companies in my 25 years of practice has led me to the best orthotic produced by Sole Supports. Please view the very informative website, solesupports.com. Dr. Glaser, a podiatrist, developed this system.

Please call our clinic to be fitted with these custom-made orthotics.

information from:  Dr. Santistevan