Traumeel Injections are highly sought after natural, homeopathic treatments for conditions that cause painful inflammation. Traumeel is a botanical extract that was largely unrecognized as an injection type of remedy in the United States for over 80 years; athletes would often travel to Europe to receive such care for sports injuries. Traumeel is primarily composed of arnica montana root, a plant extract that is commonly found in tablets and creams to relieve pain and inflammation.

The body’s immune system begins its response to injury with inflammation. The swelling and warmth experienced at an injured site is caused by increased blood flow to an area, diffusing from blood vessels into the damaged tissue. The body does this to transport immune system cells to the infection or injury site to begin killing foreign material and repairing body cells. This would be an effective means of beginning the healing process, but our bodies often overreact, developing excess heat and swelling that could last long enough to reverse any helpful effects. Traumeel is an agent found in nature that not only reduces swelling, but balances it to promote its benefits.


Traumeel injections are most effective when administered immediately after injury. Communication between patient and physician is essential since the dosage of Traumeel given at each injection can be based on the reaction of the patient. Traumeel injections are natural and homeopathic, so they may be repeated until symptoms disappear as routine therapy.

Information from:  New York Bone and Joint Specialists